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The Definitive Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet

by . December 3rd, 2014

Social networks are constantly changing their appearance to keep up with the needs – real or imagined – of their subscribers.

For marketers, it can be frustrating to design your brand’s page, only to find out we used the wrong sized cover photos for a specific social network, or it’s showing only a portion of what you intended the post to show.

The folks from Prohibition PR created this nifty infographic on everything you need to know about sizes, dimensions, and post length on different social media sites.


Some Social Media Facts

The year is ending and I’m sure you are now on the planning stage for your company’s social media presence (or at least you should be!). Here are some updated statistics that you should consider in making your social media plan:

  1. Facebook is still the number one social media network, with 1.35 billion users corresponding 38.6% of the global online population. Twitter comes in second.
  2. Instagram and Pinterest has found a niche with crafts. If you’re selling clothes, shoes, or even food and travel services, you’re better off with using both. Both networks provide a platform for showing your products where your potential customers can easily peruse them.
  3. Pinterest users now outnumbers Twitter users, with 21% and 19% of adult users respectively. Women are four out of five times as likely to be on Pinterest as men, but it has since doubled its user base to a third of signups.
  4. 100 million users use SnapChat, with more than 400 million snaps sent per day. Only 1% of marketers use SnapChat. Might be potential in there. Branded selfies?
  5. LinkedIn is more popular than Twitter among US adults. 38% of college-educated adults use the platform. It’s a great place for promoting your business content with its publishing platform.
  6. It seems that Google is dropping Google+. A former Google developer and UX designer lamented on the social network’s “failure” in a recent Medium post. “I f***ed up. So has Google.”
  7. While Youtube is the more popular video platform, Vimeo has better content. Only serious video cinematographers upload their videos in the site. Choose the best platform that suits your business target market.


The biggest social networks in the last few years, Facebook and Twitter, are currently experiencing slow growth as online users switch to newer and younger sites, especially visual ones like Instagram and Pinterest. These sites serve specific niches useful for targeted marketing. They also face high competition from mobile apps that are gaining momentum.

It’s up to us entrepreneurs and marketers to adapt to the changing social media environment

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Which social network are you planning to focus next year? Hit us in the comments below!


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