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What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]

by . March 3rd, 2015

Anna Vital has made quite a name for herself in the small business world with her series of distinctive, yet deceptively simple entrepreneurship infographics.

She’s recently pledged to make one infographic a year for 2015, for her site, Funders and Founders, which has gained a massive social media presence thanks to these illustrations.

While Anna’s work’s certainly improved over the years, this classic piece from way back still makes the most sense, despite the rough edges. Except maybe for that thought bubble, which still actually does emphasize an important point.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?:


Key Points

  • Look ahead

  • Tell people (and demo)

  • Use your gut feeling

  • Do the legwork

  • Think of a problem

  • Follow your passion

  • Make a prototype

  • Block the doubters


  •  Creating a prototype or “proof of concept” is an absolute must. Ignore most of the other things above if you must, but you have to prove your idea works in the real world.
  • Your gut feeling is probably informed by things you know that you didn’t realize you knew. Or it could be totally out of touch with reality. Which is it for you? Why?
  • Doing the legwork is what sets apart doers from thinkers. 
  • Even thinkers need to do something if they want to matter.
  • You probably can’t do everything by yourself.
  • Finding crucial allies to help you out, such as investors, mentors, and co-founders can make the biggest impact.
  • We can have more than one passion, and we can choose which ones to follow– and how hard we should pursue them. Just putting that out there.
  • I’d tend to disagree with “blocking doubters”. At least not completely. This is tiring, though.

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