Find Momo: An Interactive Photography Series

by . October 22nd, 2014

Find Momo is not your ordinary photography series. It is more of an interactive series that would demand for your attention and keen eye to find Ontario-based photographer and graphic designer Andrew Knapp’s dog, Momo.


The interactive photography series started when Andrew discovered that Momo does not play like most dogs do. Fetching for Momo is pretty different since instead of fetching the stick and returning it back, Momo hides away and he is very good at it. Find Momo started out in Instagram and quickly became an online sensation and was later on compiled into a book.

Find-Momo-Andrew-Knapp-001 Find-Momo-Andrew-Knapp-002
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Find-Momo-Andrew-Knapp-003 Find-Momo-Andrew-Knapp-005

You can find more adorable photos of Momo in Andrew Knapp’s instagram account. You can should also take a look at the Find Momo website if you want to follow along Momo and Andrew Knapp’s adventures. If you are interested in Andrew Knapp’s book,¬†check it out here:¬†Find Momo: A Photography Book.

What do you folks think? Did Momo gave you a hard time to find him?