Ben Heine and his Pencil vs Camera Collection

by . December 14th, 2012

Art literally meets reality in Ben Heine’s Pencil vs Camera collection. This 29-year old artist and illustrator from Belgium started this collection back in April 2010, as a fortunate consequence of own personal artistic development. The images in his collection usually depict a hand drawn artwork in white paper in front of a realistic background.

Moreover, the emphasis of his collection is human emotions such as love, freedom, friendship and nature. According to Heine, he wants to make art for people, and wants them to dream and forget about their daily troubles. He hopes that through his artwork, he can convey a poetic and philosophical meaning to the one looking at his work and is something that tells a story and invokes strong emotions.



This particular point of view in his creations is possibly rooted in Ben Heine’s diverse upbringing. Ben Heine was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on June 12, 1983. After seven years, his father who was a commercial engineer back then and his mother who was a modern jazz teacher, along with his 3 sisters moved to Brussels where he spent most of his life as a teenager. He earned a degree in Journalism at IHECS in Belgium and at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands.

Aside from his degree in Journalism, Heine also studied History of Arts, Painting and Sculpture at the Hastings College of Arts and Technology in England for a brief period of time. However, his skills in drawing and photography weren’t acquired from these institutions, but are rather self-taught. Through his studies, he learned several languages including Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Russian and French.

His Pencil vs. Camera collection of photographs have now earned him international recognition and have been featured in numerous publications along with his other works.


If you want to see more of Ben Heine, you can visit his website using this link.


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