Book Carvings by Guy Laramée

by . January 15th, 2013

Books have always been used the same way throughout history. They were used primarily to store and record information which readers can retrieve later when the need for that information arises. However, the rise in the popularity of e-ink and tablets has paved the way for the creation and digitalization of content. This has made a significant impact on the role of books as repositories of information as more and more people are switching to e-books and online sources of content.

One particular artist who was very vocal about this new trend is Canadian interdisciplinary artist Guy Laramée. But unlike other artists who chose to express their thoughts through common mediums, Laramée takes the issue of books versus technology a notch higher by carving his sculptures out of real books. According to Laramée his carved landscapes represent the erosion of “culture” that is happening in today’s generation of readers.



Laramée’s work has been presented in different parts of the world including the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Latin America, mostly in museums and galleries. Aside from his book carvings, Laramée has been involved in other disciplines of art such as theatre writing and directing, contemporary music composition, musical instrument design and building, singing, video, scenography and literature. He has received more than 30 arts grants and was awarded the Canada Council’s Joseph S. Stauffer award for musical composition.

If you’re interested in Guy Laramée’s work you can visit his website for more information on how to contact him and for a complete schedule of his upcoming exhibits.

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