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by . April 4th, 2013

Illustrations play a vital role in various fields today especially in print and web. An illustration work can be the best compliment for an editorial article, a book or magazine cover, a website header design and for different advertising campaigns. We’ve seen a lot of illustrators and we can say that illustration is one of the most respectable design field in terms of creativity. Images are created from scratch – a drop of imagination turned into a major artwork that can be used in various ways. Today in You The Designer, we will showcase the works of another awesome artist in the field of editorial and commercial illustration. Be inspired with the works of Marcos Chin.


"Navigating Through Uncertainty," Plansponsor Magazine | Ilustration by Marcos Chin

“Navigating Through Uncertainty,” Plansponsor Magazine | Ilustration by Marcos Chin


New York based artist, Marcos Chin has been making a name in the illustration industry for years. He graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada. You might have already seen some of his works in various book and CD covers, advertisements, fashion magazines and catalogues and walls. His craft has already achieved various recognition including a gold medal at The Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles. Some of his notable clients include Time Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, ESPN, Esquire, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest and much more. Another recognizable recognizable work are the illustrations he has done for the international advertising campaign of Lavalife’ which have appeared on subways, billboards, print and online.

The sense of glamour and elegance including his great attention to details in some of his artworks makes his craft so unique among other illustrators. Lets take a quick look at some of his awesome works below:



"The Day After," Bloomberg Business Week | Illustration by Marcos Chin

“The Day After,” Bloomberg Business Week


"Unplug Already, Get Off and Return to the World," Conde Nast Travler | Illustration by Marcos Chin

“Unplug Already, Get Off and Return to the World,” Conde Nast Travler


"When the Earth was Still Flat," (4 colour silkscreen) Sundance Film Festival A to Z/Todd Oldham Studios | Illustration by Marcos Chin

“When the Earth was Still Flat,” (4 colour silkscreen) Sundance Film Festival A to Z/Todd Oldham Studios


"Mobile Wrangler," Computer World | Illustration by Marcos Chin

“Mobile Wrangler,” Computer World


 "Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival," McDonalds 2013 Calendar | Illustration by Marcos Chin

 “Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival,” McDonalds 2013 Calendar


“I draw because I enjoy simply moving the paint around on the page, and stylus on the tablet. I enjoy mixing colours and arranging them next to each other to create patterns. I enjoy making marks on the pages and allowing them to twist and turn into something figurative or abstract. I draw because I have things that I want to say that I might not be able to express through words, through actions. I draw because when I do, the world around me falls away. I draw because it makes me feel good.” – Marcos Chin




Illustration by Marcos Chin

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Marcos has given lectures about Illustration throughout the US and Canada and currently residing in New York City, teaching Fashion Illustration at the School of Visual Arts. Check out his Behance portfolio for more of his projects or visit his official website for more info.


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