You! Be Inspired! – Creative Lamp Designs

by . November 7th, 2012

To anyone familiar with art exhibits and installations, it is very evident that lighting conditions play a pivotal role in setting the mood and environment needed to effectively communicate the message or thought that the artist wants to express through his artwork. This is the reason why museums and galleries spend a lot of money to employ various lighting techniques to accentuate their installations.

But is there such a thing as an artwork that doesn’t need good lighting? Well, I would have to say yes. If the artwork in question is also a source of light, say a lamp. And in today’s You! Be Inspired! post, we will be featuring 20 of the most creative lamp designs we can find on the web.

Hanged Lamp by Enpieza (Source)


Lamp created from recycled materials by Cory Barkman (Source)


Jellyfish lamps created by Roxy Towry-Russel (Source)


Crane lamp created by Studio Joe (Source)


Zzzoolight lamp for kids created by OFFICINA Crea 7 (Source)


Lamp created from a gourd by Polish artist Przemek “Calabarte” Krawczy?ski (Source)


Star Wars Lamp by Funko (Source)


Lamp powered by photoluminiscent pigments that absorb ambient energy by Trap Light Save Energy (Source)


Hat Table Lamp by Jake Phipps (Source)


Good Boy Lamp by (Source)


Good Dog Lamp (Source)


Coen Lamps by Böttcher+Henssler (Source)


Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan (Source)


Pouring Lamp by Yeong Woo Kim (Source)


Mushroom Lamps by Sarah Veron (Source)


Peel Lamp by Peter Bristol (Source)


Turning on Mr. P Lamp (Source)


Gilda Lamp by Arturo Alvarez (Source)


Lull Lamp by Marianne Varmo (Source)


Micha Cat Lamps by Oliver Kuntzel and Florence Deygas (Source)

Image banner via: Julien Bergignat

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