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by . September 18th, 2012

The computer mouse is one of the most important input devices used not only by designers but also by a variety of professionals around the world. Without it, the process of conveniently and easily selecting, dragging, scrolling and moving objects in our computers would be close to impossible.

Although the use of the mouse is of great importance to most of us, we oftentimes take for granted this small but very nifty device, possibly because a lot of manufacturers don’t put much attention to the design of the mouse. But every once in a while, there is one design (or even a few) that emerges from the shadows that surprises us in terms of design and ingenuity. So today, we at You The Designer bring you 10 creative mice designs that even your cat (if you have one) would love.

Microsoft eVouse Mouse. The eVouse mouse is a concept design created by Marcial Ahsayane that merges the functionality of a common mouse with a graphics tablet pen. At first glance, the eVouse looks like a space craft (specifically a B2 Bomber) when placed flat on its side. But hold it sidewise and you’ve got yourself an air mouse that functions like a graphics tablet pen.

Microsoft eVouse Mouse (Source)


Demat Mouse Concept. The Demat concept mouse was designed by Edgar Ortiz and works differently than most mice. It has a flex sensor that reacts whenever you click on the mouse buttons. This design allows the mouse to be made using fewer materials compared to regular ones, which also reduces its weight.

Demat Mouse Concept (Source)


Fortune Mouse. Another interesting futuristic mouse design we found on the internet is that of Atila Rossito. Just like the Demat mouse, the Fortune mouse follows the principle of minimalism and economy. Unlike most mice, this one is designed with a hollow metal body in which you can see the light coming from the laser sensor. This gives the mouse a sort off lamp-shade-like look.

Fortune mouse (Source)


Body Limited Mouse. Try typing the phrase “world’s sexiest mouse” in any major internet search engine and this mouse would probably be on top of the list. This lingerie mouse is sold by Swiss online retailer Pat Says Now for around 25 euros. The mouse is in the shape of a woman wearing lingerie with the breasts acting as the left and right mouse buttons.

Body limited mouse (Source)


Titanium Mouse. The titanium mouse is possibly the most expensive item on this list. And if its name doesn’t give you the slightest hint, the mouse is made from titanium. The design firm Intelligent Design was the one who created this exquisite mouse. Made from Grade 1 titanium, high quality plastic resin and neodymium scroll wheel, the titanium mouse was designed for people who have a knack for premium design. The titanium mouse is currently available for sale at a jaw-dropping price of $1,200.

Titanium mouse (Source)


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Microsoft has long been making its Arc Mouse series. It’s latest member is the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Unlike other members of the Arc family which uses a single hinge to fold the mouse into two parts, the Arc Touch Mouse uses several joints. This allows the device to be completely flattened for easier storage. It also has a touch sensitive scroll strip instead of the usual scroll wheel found in most mice.

Microsoft Arc touch mouse (Source)


Zero Mouse. The Zero Mouse was designed by Oliver Rosito and combines cutting edge design and lightweight materials in a very minimalistic package. The Zero mouse has a hollow body made from brushed aluminum and rubber. The mouse would either be powered by small batteries or a charger molded within the device.

Zero mouse (Source)


BMW and Thermaltake Level 10M. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse with a premium badge, then look further than Thermaltake’s Level10M mouse which was co-designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. The company claims that it’s the ultimate gaming mouse in the market today. The mouse has a radical case with perforated plates. Its height and angle can also be adjusted with a single turn of a screw.

Thermaltake mouse (Source)


iTit Mouse. As the name implies, the iTit mouse was inspired by a woman’s body part. Designed by Mostafa Tohidifar and David Abbasi, the iTit mouse’s outer layer is made from delicate rubber that provides comfort and wrist support. The left and right mouse buttons are seamlessly incorporated into the design, while the “nipple” acts as a joystick.

iTit Mouse (Source)


Razer Ouroboros. Another gaming mouse that can compete with the Thermaltake Level 10M is Razer’s Ouroboros. But unlike the Thermaltake mouse, the Ouroboros can be adjusted to much greater extent. Not only can users adjust the angle and height of the mouse but also the length and the back arch. It also has interchangeable side panels for a more custom fit for any gamer’s hand.

Razer Ouroboros (Source)

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