You! Be Inspired! – Creative Tissue Prints

by . August 31st, 2012

For most people, their productive day starts with a daily visit to the restroom and taking a sit on that ceramic throne we all use each day. A lot of people say that the time they spent sitting on the toilet is usually the best time of the day where they can think things over. Maybe this is because it’s one of the best places to be to drown out the stress you experienced the day before, be calm and get your mind to focus on the things you’re planning to do each day.

That’s the reason why a lot of people put or bring books, magazines or newspapers in the bathroom. These materials help them to be entertained while doing the “deed” and in some cases act as a rich source of inspiration for devising creative solutions to the problems they will be facing in the next few hours.

But what if you can get the same form of entertainment and source of inspiration in a package that’s also functional in the context of the bathroom? What if you can combine the functionality of magazines and newspapers with let’s say – a tissue?

In today’s You! Be Inspired! Post, we loosened up a little bit to bring you some creative tissue prints that will certainly keep you busy while doing the “the number 2”.


Zombies might have used this while they were taking a break from all those kill-the-zombie movies (Source)


Tissue for the hopelessly romantic (Source)


Tissue for those who love math and numbers (Source)


There’s a brand of Japanese tissue with printed horror stories best suited for the scaredy-cats (Source)


This must be Jack Sparrow’s or Captain Hook’s preference (Source).


Those who hate terrorist will definitely love this. (Source)


There’s also a print for origami fans. (Source)


Do you think they have these in the White House? (Source)


Maybe you can also use this tissue to mark your territory. (Source)


The Military Tissue (Source)


This one’s for those who love to play with mazes. (Source)


I guess we can call this the Greedy Tissue. (Source)


Here’s another version of the Greedy tissue but for Europeans. (Source)


If you’re a figure conscious person, this print might be the one for you. (Source)


Now this one’s for the music lovers out there. (Source)


Kids who love coloring books will certainly love this tissue print. (Source)


Here’s a print for some much needed brain teasers. (Source)


We also have a print for people who are so cheesy. (Source)


There’s an online company that lets you stay connected with your Twitter friends by printing your tweets on Tissue (Source)


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