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by . August 10th, 2012

For every designer, inspiration can come in a variety of sources. For some, it can come from a spectacular view of a landscape, signage that we see in our daily commute, the clothes we wear or even the people we see every day. But for some, inspiration can come in a very familiar place – our homes.

Our homes are usually the place where we find peace and comfort at the end of each day. So it’s not surprising if a lot of people, designers included, find bits and pieces of their homes as a source of inspiration and also as a way to let their creative juices flowing.

Here are some amazing examples of how ordinary furniture and fixtures found in common houses are given an artistic flair by different designers and engineers from all over the world.

First on the list is Vancouver-based designer, Judson Beaumont. His design studio, Straight Line Designs, Inc. is a one of a kind workshop that has been operating for about a quarter of a decade. His team of eight full-time craftsmen have designed and constructed a number of custom-built furniture for public institutions and children’s exhibitions. Their list of clients includes Disney Cruise Lines Wonder and Magic, the North Vancouver Library and Princeton University to name a few. Here are a few pieces from their very artsy and at times a bit cartoony collection.

Bad Table

Burnt Table

Crash Table

Accordion Cabinet

Oops Cabinet

Joined at the Hip Cabinet

 Cracked Cabinet

Brian Cabinet

Melting Cabinet

Melting Cabinet 2


 Boom! Cabinet

Beaver Cabinet

Aside from Straight line studios, there are numerous artists and furniture designers that have produced one of-a-kind pieces that are usually used in exhibits and in art displays.

Spaghetti Wall Bench by Pablo Reinoso (Source)

Conflict Chair by Aviad Gil (Source)

Hand Door Knob by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville  (Source)

Ice Illusions Table by John Brauer  (Source)

 Melting Chair by  Phillip Aduatz (Source)

Shrek Chair by Giovanni and Rodrigo Torres (Source)

 And there you have it. These furniture, are a true testament that inspiration can come from almost anywhere just as long as you have the drive to imagine and create. If you think about it, these designers and craftsmen have made objects that seemingly defy reality, so imagine what YOU, THE DESIGNER can accomplish if you just put your mind into it.

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