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by . August 7th, 2012

Apple’s iPhone is definitely one of the hottest items available in the market today. Its premium design and intuitive user interface have won the hearts of a lot of people. Just recently, images of the alleged iPhone 5 were leaked in a Japanese website which renewed the public’s interest over the truth behind the phone. Reports are also saying that Apple is already stocking up on inventory components which fueled speculations even more.

Nevertheless, the release of the fifth generation iPhone seems imminent and Apple’s legions of fans are now riding a wave of concept designs created by graphic artists all over the world. These designs vary from the most plausible to the rather outlandish and overly futuristic. Here are some design examples for the Apple smartphone.

One of the most popular renditions of the iPhone came from Italian designer Federico Ciccarese. His firm, Ciccarese Design created three mock-ups for the smartphone. The first one was based on Apple’s Magic Mouse and features the same curved design that tapers at the top and bottom.  There is also a glowing logo of the company at the back which was taken from Apple’s Macbook lineup.

Designed by Federico Ciccarese (Source)


His second design was based on the Macbook Air which he dubbed as the iPhone Air. Just like the ultrabook, this mock-up features a “teardrop” profile which gives it a very streamlined look.

iPhone Air design by Federico Ciccarese


His third design, on the other hand is probably the most futuristic looking version of the iPhone yet as it incorporates design elements fit for a science fiction movie. In this version, the phone is given a flexible curved body that sits at the back of your hand, and is worn with the help of five metallic arms.

Futuristic iPhone by Federico Ciccarese


Another designer to give his own take on the Apple smartphone is Dakota Adney from Tulsa, Oaklahoma. His vision of the iPhone 5 consists of a phone with a transparent screen with a laser projector that projects a keyboard when the device is placed on a flat surface. There is also video that serve as a commercial for the concept is also available to the public and has now received over 5 million views on YouTube.


Other artists on the other hand focused on more plausible mock ups that are based on previously released data about the phone. This design by Antonello Falcone dubbed as Size-zero iPhone 5 features a massive 4.6-inch screen with curved glass edges that occupy over 90% of the phone’s front.

Size Zero iPhone 5 by Antonello Falcone (Source)


Another rendition of Italian designer Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studio gives the iPhone not one but three screens. The top screen is reserved for notifications, the middle one serve as the desktop or main screen and the bottom for the dock.

iPhone 3 Steps Beyond by Antonio De Rosa (Source)


At the end of the day, all these designs are just products of imagination. However, it’s good to remember that a lot of great things start with just a simple idea. Although some of these mockups are quite farfetched, it does give us an insight on what consumers want and what other potential innovations engineers can tap into.

I know that we’re all excited for the release of the iPhone 5, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until September for Apple’s much awaited press release.

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