You! Be Inspired! – Pass the Salt Please

by . September 20th, 2012

Creativity knows no boundaries and it can come in the strangest time and place. Even simple tasks such as eating a meal can easily become a source of inspiration. This is what might have happened with the items that we are about to show you. In our quest to find inspirational designs for all of you, we stumbled upon these cool and creative condiment containers, well you probably guessed it – while having lunch.

The salt and pepper shaker/grinder have long been a must have item in any dining table whether it be in a high-class restaurant or in our humble homes. Although we usually tend to overlook them, there are people who have found these items to be the subjects of their creative geniuses.

Here are few examples of how ordinary salt and pepper shakers have been transformed to interesting conversational pieces that show the artist’s creativity, passion and inventiveness.


The Salt and Pepper shaker for those in need of compassion (Source)


For a software engineer’s dining table (Source)


These two guarantee to give your food an explosion of flavors (Source)


Shakers fit for a martial artist’s dining table (Source)


These two guarantee to give you an energy boost with each shake (Source)


There’s also a pair of shakers for newly weds (Source)


This pair is best suited for a fiesta (Source)


For a chemist’s dining table (Source)


If you need some brain teaser while seasoning your food (Source)


For sumo wrestlers (Source)


When the sweet tooth needs some savour (Source)


I guess this one’s for fans of fairy tales or even Harry Potter (Source)


This one of course is for dentists (Source)


Do you think they have this in the Buckingham Palace? (Source)


Just flick the switch and you’re all set (Source)


This one’s best for a Hawaiian themed dinner (Source)


Makes you want to sneeze just by looking at it (Source)


The Angel and Devil Shakers (Source)


Entitled “Drowning in Debt”, this one’s for the financially challenged (Source)
Here’s what it looks like when filled with salt (Source)


For a pianist’s dining table (Source)


For the hardcore chemist, or a mad scientist (Source)


For the full-fledged nerds (Source)


For those who want to season their already salty “Pringles” (Source)


I guess this one’s best for the rainy days? (Source)


For those who love music (Source)


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