You! Be Inspired! – Ties and Bows

by . September 28th, 2012

In popular western culture, a man’s formal wear wouldn’t be complete without a matching bow tie or neck tie. Neck ties were commonly worn on special occasions or as part of regular office attire. However, it has become common especially in men and sometimes even women to use ties as a fashion accessory.

Having said this, necktie and bow tie designs have slowly evolved from classic and conservative prints to fancy and creative designs that even Walt Disney or Looney Tunes characters would be proud to wear. In today’s You! Be Inspired! post, we’ll  take a look at some of the coolest and funkiest necktie and bow tie designs that certainly add that creative flair to your outfits.


Linux Necktie


Solar Powered Necktie


Instructional Necktie


Music Lover’s Necktie


Chemist’s Necktie


Pixelated Necktie


Keyboard Necktie


Photoshop Tools Necktie


Scientist’s Necktie


Mathematician’s Necktie
The CSI Necktie


Circuit Board Necktie


Beer Lover’s Necktie


Ice Cream Necktie


Crossword Necktie
Optometrist Necktie
Playing cards Necktie



Lego Bow tie
Gadget Bow tie


Cork Bow tie


Toad Bow tie


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