Ergonomic Furniture to Increase Productivity

by . September 27th, 2012

A typical day lasts for about 24 hours, and unless you’re a billionaire or a child of one, a third of that time is spent laboring in the office. If you’re working in a typical office, meaning your usual activities include sitting, typing, eating, and sitting some more; then the natural tendency of your body for movement is restricted which may sometimes cause discomfort and in severe cases may result in a person having a serious medical condition.

Moreover, the discomfort caused by improper posture can indirectly decrease productivity, affect critical thinking and cause stress. Having said this, comfort when it comes to work can play a pivotal role in determining success whether for an individual or even for a huge corporation.

One way of providing comfort to employees while maintaining the same functionality is by using ergonomic furniture and devices. These types of products were designed to follow the natural movements of the body therefore minimizing the incidence of fatigue and discomfort. Here are a few pieces for your office that will make you feel comfortable while working.

Humanscale’s Keyboard System – Humanscale’s ergonomic keyboard system minimizes the occurrence of wrist anchoring and lessens contact stress between the wrist and the work surface. Unlike an ordinary workstation, a table with an articulating keyboard brings the work directly to the user; allowing him to follow the natural and healthy alignment of the body when sitting.



Furthermore, the company’s keyboard system allows for a keyboard to be positioned at a negative slope using a unique dial-a-tilt feature.  And since majority of graphic designers use a mouse and keyboard for creating their designs, a feature that will make the use of these devices comfortable will therefore increase productivity.

The Float Height-Adjustable Table – Another amazing product from Humanscale is their Height adjustable “Float” table. The Float table uses an easy one-hand counterbalance system that enables users to easily adjust the height of the table for ergonomic sit-stand usage. According to a recent Mayo clinic study, just standing 2 hours a day can burn around 340 calories and a height-adjustable table provides users with that opportunity.



Unlike most adjustable tables that use a hand crank or an electric motor, the Float table is less bulky and can be adjusted quickly with a simple squeeze of a lever. It also has a safety mechanism to prevent the possibility of injury associated with incorrect counterbalance.

Switch Mouse – the Switch mouse from Humanscale is another ergonomic product to lessen the stress on your hands. For starters, the mouse dishes the usual scroll wheel for an easy one-touch navigating dish. This navigating dish minimizes the repetitive stress caused by frequent use of the scroll wheel. It also has a unique V-shaped base that follows a naturally angled forearm to lessen injury risks.



The mouse can also be extended to adjust to any hand size. It also features three programmable buttons which can be used to easily execute specified actions. Lastly, the mouse comes equipped with its own palm rest that supports the entire hand to keep the wrist straight and eliminate contact stress.

Ergoport Posture Pod EP1– Now if getting a height-adjustable table, an ergonomic mouse and an articulated keyboard system is too much for you, you might want to settle for something that’s a little more affordable and handy.



For $297 you can get yourself an Ergoport Posture Pod EP1 that ergonomically positions your keyboard and support both arms in a relaxed position. This product helps maintain a comfortable position which can also help reduce stress on your back. Made out of soft fabric and gel pad to support your wrists and forearms, the Posture pod can also help minimize Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive strain injury associated with prolonged computer use.

3M Gel-filled Mouse Pad – a lot of people are underestimating the value of a mouse pad, but having a good old cushioned mouse pad to help lessen the strain on your wrists can sometimes greatly improve productivity. 3M’s gel-filled mouse pad is covered with a leatherette cushion that’s offers both comfort and anti-microbial protection.



The mouse pad is made of polymer which also improves the tracking performance of optical and standard mice. And with a non-skid base, users won’t have to worry about the pad going out of place whenever they drag the mouse across its surface.

ZON Personal Air Purifier – for the hardcore ergonomists, Humanscale’s ZON Personal Air purifier takes comfortable at a different level. The dream office gadget of the extreme “germophobe”, the ZON personal air purifier removes 99% of all airborne particles with either a reusable paper filter or an optional carbon filter.



The air purifier operates in virtual silence with no noticeable breeze. Its small size and energy efficiency allows for unobtrusive placement and operation in offices, hospitals or home environments.

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