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Rags to Riches: Maxing out your chances of success [Infographic]

by . April 11th, 2015

73 of the world’s 100 wealthiest are self-made. Here’s how they did it.

Self-made millionaires now dominate the ranks of the world’s richest. Not surprisingly, a few uncontrollable factors make it easier to be that rich, including the country and culture you are born into. However, even those who find themselves in less-than-ideal situations can make it.

Anna Vital recently came up with another infographic that outlines the these self-made billionaires have in common.

from-poor-to-rich-billionare-infographic (1)Source

What orphan billionaires without a degree did:

  • Bought ruined ventures
  • Eat with employees
  • Made investments
  • Had a single, life-changing deal
  • Micromanage
  • Foresee trends
  • Tried multiple businesses


  • Just because you can make it without a degree or support from family doesn’t mean those things don’t help.
  • Could you still be called “self-made” if you’re one of the 64 billionaires who weren’t born to poor parents?
  • Where does “self-made” even begin?
  • Investments help offset risk.
  • Blue collar doesn’t necessarily translate to poor, such as in IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprand’s case.
  • Most of these billionaires live frugal lives, comparatively anyway, compared to their sizable fortunes.


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